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If you like the effect of stone, but you like to reduce the costs of supplying or fitting it across several square meters, we have the answer! No not a product that looks like stone a product that is stone that can curve, bend and flex around nearly anything!
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Flexistone Sandstone for interior and exterior Application


Over aeons of time the Earth has gone through tumultuous changes and continuous to do so. During various periods particular sediments were laid which we have come to term as Sandstone. This naturally occurring material comes in many colours and shades.


Over thousands of years humans have learnt how to locate and choose the best stone, how to cut, hew and carve this decorative rock, and they have used it in their buildings to add artistic and decorative beauty.

temp In the comparatively recent history of the use of this material, a new method has been developed which allows us to use these sandstone formations in new and exciting ways.

Rather than carving shapes from solid blocks, technology now allows for this material to be provided in thin sheets that can bend, flow and follow the curves of practically any shape. flexistone light


As you will see from this site, this natural material can be used for both internal and external applications and on many different substrates.

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