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If you like the effect of stone, but you like to reduce the costs of supplying or fitting it across several square meters, we have the answer! No not a product that looks like stone a product that is stone that can curve, bend and flex around nearly anything!
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Technical Information for Flexistone Sandstone for interior and exterior Application




There are a variety of colours avialable to choose from.  Please note however that as this is a genuinely natural product the colours can only be indicative and may vary.

If you would like a seamless and continuous stone panel we will supply the materials matched and numbered so that they can be installed sequentially.



                          FX01                                                    FX02                                                FX03



                          FX04                                                    FX05                                                FX06



                           FX07                                                   FX08                                                 FX09




                           FX10                                                    FX11                                                FX12




                          FX13                                                   FX14                                                  FX15



                           FX16                                                  FX17                                                  FX18



                          FX19                                                   FX20                                                 FX21



                        FX22                                                     FX23                                         FX24




The standard sheet sizes are a nominal

2730mm x 1100mm

800mm x 400mm

600mm x 300mm

The standard thickness for the material is 3.0mm - 4.0mm

All standard size sheet packages are supplied complete with adhesive and sealant

A cutting service is available so that any blockwork size can be supplied to site


General Installation Procedure                 


The following are only general guidlines for installing Flexistone panels and sheets.  The procedure will be very familiar to those involved in the tiling and decorating trades and will be very straightforward for them to install.

For very specific applications such as using Flexistone externally or on other substrates, please contact our office for further information.

Acclimatise the material by leaving unrolled for 24 hours in the area it which it will be used.

Always make sure that the surface is dry, stable, free of dust and flat.  Sand or lime surfaces must be sealed with an appropriate primer to stabilise.

Lay out veneers and arrange the order in which they are to be adhered.

Spread the adhesive evenly and generously over the area that can be covered in an hour.

Locate the first tile or sheet where required and level.  Firmly roll into place.

Follow this procedure with the rest of the tiles placing them in a butt jointed bond.

Do not let the adhesive to come through the joint, if it does remove at once and rake back.

To cut Flexistone:

Place the material face down on a clean ply board and cut through backing mesh with a stanley knife or similar and break.  If holes are required cut right through material.

To clean the cut edge heat with a hot air gun and press firmly.  If any cracks develop, again heat up and pull togeher with a wooden wedge or similar.

After installation, lightly brush edges or apertures that have been cut on site with a soft bristle brush and then paint on a seal with 2no coats of appropriate sealant.



This product has undergone extensive testing by independent experts of well-known institutes. The results comply with highest demands of the building industry:

Inflammability classification
DIN standard 4102, part 1, article 6.2
DIN standard 4102, part 14
B1 examined and certified
Critical emission intensity > 1,1
Integral value of light attenuation 0-0,7

Castor chair effect
DIN EN standard 425
No visible alterations after 75.000 revolutions.

Sandstone Light is formaldehyde-free.

Abrasion classification DIN 52368
No visible alterations after 100.000 revolutions.

DIN 51958 (EN 423)
Sandstone Light is antistatic; wall cleaning is therefore unnecessary.

R 13 (inclination > 35°)
Measurement performance
DIN standard 434
DIN standard 51967
DIN standard 16860

Manufacture alignment 0,14 mm
Right-angled to manufacture alignment 0,05 - 0,17 mm
negligible measurement alterations 0,03 - 0,17 mm

Peel resistance
DIN standard 16860
With normal climate and heating conditions1,76 - 1,98 N/mm

Heat transmission
DIN standard 66098
Sandstone Light is suitable for under floor heating.



In conjunction with the appropriate adhesives Flexistone can be used on many different types of substrates.

Pre-Formed Plywood, MDF, Aluminium, Mild Steel, GRG, Plastic as well as Blockwork, Sand & Cement Render or Floor Screed.

To confirm that the correct adhesive is being used for your application please contact our office via email.