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New to the industry!

If you like the effect of stone, but you like to reduce the costs of supplying or fitting it across several square meters, we have the answer! No not a product that looks like stone a product that is stone that can curve, bend and flex around nearly anything!
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Flexistone Sandstone for Interior Application

With the range of colours available and the flexibility of Flexistone you will be able to produce practical yet aesthetically pleasing results for any interior application.

If you have a curve or feature, such as a column or perimeter casing that needs to be covered, you will be able to do it    


The unique ability of Flexistone to be able to bend and curve allows it to be used for many features that generally would either be impossible, impractical or just to expensive in solid stone.

It can also be adhered to various types of substrate from Pre-Formed Plywood and Plastic through to GRG and Aluminium/Steel as well as to usual walling materials of Plaster, Brick or Blockwork.


It can be installed as either a complete sheet for a whole wall covering or to give the impression of blockwork.                            


For really well defined applications such as coving or dado applictions we can offer the material in 1.0mm thickness that allows even 90 degree corners to be clad.


And even complicated features become possible because of the versatility of the material.



Here are some other areas where this unique product can be used to great effect.



At Ceiling lines to make a feature of ductwork                  For decorative Flooring


For building maintenace and cleaning, the sealants administered after installation gives the stonework an anti-static coating, thus repelling dust particles.


Flexistone can also be used in wet areas such bathrooms, swimming pools and shower areas with the use of appropriate grade adhesives and sealants.