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If you like the effect of stone, but you like to reduce the costs of supplying or fitting it across several square meters, we have the answer! No not a product that looks like stone a product that is stone that can curve, bend and flex around nearly anything!
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Flexistone Sandstone for Exterior Application

With the use of appropriate adhesives and sealants the beauty and elegance of Flexistone can also be enjoyed on the external facades of buildings and other features.
For curved or shaped buildings, Flexistone blocks do not need to be faceted nor specially manufactured off site but can flow around a blockwork or rendered substrate to give a smooth line of real sandstone.  
With options to create a seamless wall or to give the impression of blockwork Flexistone is quite unique   
Flexistone can also be supplied pre-installed onto various types of backing panel.  Depending upon the application an Aluminium or Plastic honeycomb backing is available.
The special sealants applied after Flexistone has been installed not only gives it a waterproof finish but is also anti-graffiti, thus assisting with ongoing building maintenance and appeal